Hiring an academic manuscript editor

hiring an academic editorIt’s not easy sifting through hundreds of editors online to find someone you can trust with your precious manuscript. Here are three tips to help you in your search:

1. Choose a specialist academic manuscript editor rather than a generalist editor. 

2. Know exactly who you are hiring. It is important to know exactly who is going to be working on your project, and to be aware of his/her qualifications/experience. I recommend that you hire a freelance editor (not a large editing company) and ask him/her to confirm that he/she does not subcontract projects to third parties.

3. Choose an editor from an established listing of editors. There are plenty of listings online; here is one example: The Editorial Freelancers Association. Of course, there are never any guarantees, however, I believe that it is safer to choose an academic manuscript editor from a bona fide directory, as opposed to a business that is not listed in any official register. 


 Stay tuned! I will be doing more posts on this topic in the future.