As a scholar with my own publications, and a former reviewer for the American Journal of Men’s Health, I provide a manuscript review service for social scientists. This service consists of:

1) A thorough review of your manuscript.

2) A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.

3) My recommendations in the form of text box comments (similar to those provided by your thesis adviser and during the peer review process).

Manuscript review.

To give a few examples, I will indicate as appropriate:

  • Where a clearer argument could be presented;
  • where the presentation could be reorganized;
  • where you haven’t gone into enough detail;
  • where there are gaps in the information provided;
  • where there are inconsistencies in the manuscript;
  • how you can improve the document.

4) A follow-up phone consultation (one hour) to address any questions you may have.

N.B. The manuscript review service does not include editing.